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At MTSI, 100% is more than a number – it defines everything we believe in. That’s why
we’re 100% employee-owned. It’s what makes MTSI a unique, respectful, and
collaborative environment where our employees are in control of their career success.

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What We Do

As an engineering services and technology
solutions company, customers look to us to
strategically solve critical problems. That’s why
our mission is to make lasting contributions to
the nation’s defense and security. By offering a
resourceful, collaborative environment where
employees are empowered to own their ideas
and creatively solve complex challenges, we’re
committed to achieving our mission at the
same time as nurturing some of the finest
talent in the industry.

Employee Ownership

Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)

Being 100% employee-owned gives our
employees the unique opportunity to both, act
like owners and have another substantial source
of retirement income. Our ESOP Trust is a
qualified retirement plan receiving cash
contributions from the company allocated to
employee-participant individual accounts to
purchase available shares of company stock. Your
ownership in the ESOP is a big part of our culture
and a key part in managing your financial future.


  • Additional source of substantial retirement
  • Employees share in ownership of MTSI without any personal contribution or
  • Our ESOP is the best way to ensure we
    maintain an enduring company
  • Participants receive both allocations of the annual company contributions and growth in account value as the shares of stock may appreciate

Military Transition

Competitive Benefits with
Veterans in Mind

  • Medical Plans including Tricare Supplemental
    for Military members (retired or Reservists)
    that are enrolled in Tricare Prime, Tricare
    Standard, or Tricare Reserve Select (TRS).

  • Flexible Spending Accounts are a great way
    to save money by paying for certain health
    care and qualified dependent care expenses

  • Free Short Term and Long term Disability
    along with Group Life Insurance and AD&D.

  • Military Leave: 10 days, fully paid, per year
    for active duty, active duty training, or
    inactive duty training.


Through the DoD SkillBridge program industry partners such as MTSI benefit from gaining early access to the extensive experience, skills, and unmatched work ethic service members bring to the workforce. MTSI crafts SkillBridge programs to meet specific workforce needs, matching those needs to the skills and abilities of highly motivated service members. MTSI is proud to be a nationwide DoD SkillBridge partner.

MTSI’s enduring core values and mission purpose have aligned very closely with those of military veterans since being founded in 1993 by two USAF officers, Phil Soucy and Tom McMahan. Today, over 40% of the MTSI workforce is made up of veterans. These outstanding men and women bring an extremely high level of integrity and commitment along with exceptional management and technical skills in support of critical missions such as missile defense, advanced aviation and weapons, autonomous systems, cybersecurity, intelligence capabilities, and homeland security. As a 100% employee-owned company, we are actively engaged in national recruiting to offer to our veterans a chance for continued service to our country in their second career.

Kevin Robinson
CEO & President

Scholars Program

What is the Scholars Program? MTSI’s Scholars
Program is a mix of Interns and Co-Ops who work
on relevant projects either during the summer or
the academic school year.

What is an Intern? At MTSI, Interns spend their
summers working on relevant projects, learning
about the field, making industry connections, and
developing both hard and soft skills. Summer
internships are typically up to 40 hours a week over
10 to 12 weeks during the summer.

What is a Co-Op? Co-op, short for cooperative
education. MTSI’s Intern program balances
classroom theory with periods of practical,
hands-on experience prior to graduation. Through
the co-op program, students alternate academic
study with part time employment, gaining practical
experience in their field of study.

Our Engineering Specialties

Community & Values

We place great emphasis on giving back to our
local communities and the nation. Our pledge to
“Social Responsibility” is demonstrated in both
our financial commitment and our employee’s
personal actions. MTSI annually supports
numerous organizations, both on a national and
local basis, with a strong focus on veterans,
education, and homelessness.

Our Core Values

  • Employees Come First

  • Leadership, Quality, and Responsiveness in
    Service Delivery

  • Own and Solve Our Customer’s Problems

  • Ethics, Integrity, and Trust

  • Organizational Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Open, Honest, and Respectful Communications

  • An Entrepreneurial Environment Which
    Empowers Teams and Individuals

  • Opportunity Based on Merit

  • Social Responsibility


  1. America’s VetDogs
  2. Generation Hope
  3. Ronald McDonald House
  4. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    Out of the Darkness Community Walks
  5. Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
  6. Luke’s Wings
  7. New Hope Housing
  8. Boys & Girls Club
  9. Manna House
  10. Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center
  11. No Kid Hungry
  12. Movember

MTSI’s greatest asset is our people. Many companies may say it, but we prove it daily. We are doing important, innovative work on behalf of the nation’s defense.

Our local charitable giving teams consistently strive to give back, especially in the areas of education, veterans, and the homeless. The top-notch medical plan provides comfort for you and your family today while the 401k and company paid employee stock program ensures stability for tomorrow. Whether it is the strategic vision for the company’s future, career development programs, or an industry leading benefits package, our employee-centric culture reinforces our core values including, Employees Come First.

Bridget Atkinson
MTSI Chief Human Resources Officer