Employee Stock Ownership Program

The ESOP underpins our employee-focused culture - providing our employees with a financial stake in the future growth of the business and encouraging them to think and act like owners. An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan that allows our employees to have MTSI stock allocated to their individual account in the ESOP Trust. Studies show that companies with ESOPs are more productive, faster growing, more profitable, and have lower turnover.

Plan Benefits

  • Additional retirement fund provided by the company
  • Employees share in ownership of MTSI without purchasing shares
  • Provides long term strategic ownership for our company
  • Another valuable compensation stream for our employees
  • Participants receive annual allocations of company contributions


“Great retirement benefits with 401K and ESOP. Very good health coverage.”

“It lives its core values - all leadership decisions are made with the employees best interests in mind. The ESOP program enables all employees to realize thefruits of the companies tremendous success and growth. We do rewarding work of national importance and are enabled to work autonomously and efficiently. Our founders and current company executives are outstanding leaders. My coworkers are high character professionals. I cannot say enough good things about this company!”